Holistic therapies treat the mind, body and spirit. They are the key to relaxation and inner calm. These therapies will leave you relaxed, stress-free and relieved of any physical or emotional tension.  Tracey is our holistic and body therapist here at anatomy clinic. She offers a range of treatments, including the ones listed below, and can tailor her therapies to meet your needs. 


Say goodbye to everyday stresses and strains with this heavenly aromatherapy massage. Enjoy a consultation with Tracey, your aromatherapist who will discuss your concerns to create a tailored blend of oils to suit your needs. The expert touch of Tracey's hands will melt away stresses, ease tension and tired muscles, and leave your body with renewed energy.

Back, Neck & Shoulders  £25.00

Full Body  £40.00

90 Full Body £50.00.


A traditional body massage, which aides relaxation, increases circulation and relieves muscle tension.

Back, Neck and Shoulders £30.00

Full Body £40.00

90 Minute Full Body £50.00


Deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish, but with deeper pressure.  Suitable for athletes, but also for those who suffer with extreme tension, which may be caused by injury, posture or manual work.

Back, Neck and Shoulder £30.00

Full Body £45.00

90 Minutes Full Body £55.00


A treatment based on old Ayurvedic techniques involving work on the upper back, neck and shoulders, face and scalp.  A variety of massage movements are used to relieve accumulated tension and stimulate circulation, as well as to reduce stress and fatigue and improve mental clarity.


Lower Leg and Foot Massage

Is a massage of the lower legs and feet. It's an incomparable pleasure, which not only relieves fatigue, and stimulates the muscles, it also gives a positive effect on the whole body. This is due to the huge set of reflex points which are responsible for the state of the body as a whole. Reduces stiffness, improves circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage and immune system boost.

30 minutes £30

Hopi Ear Candles

A natural and relaxing therapy used traditionally by the Hopi Indians. It's a relaxing, soothing and a natural alternative to syringing.

45 minutes £35

Hot Stones Therapy

Hot stone massage is used to help you relax as well as ease muscle tension throughout your body. Relieve everyday stress and anxiety and promote good sleep. The heat of the stones penetrate deep into muscle tissue, allowing the muscles to relax around 4-5 times quicker than in a standard massage.

60minutes £40 90minutes £50

Hot Stones/Decléor Discovery Facial

Hot stone with frangipani oil massage to the back, neck, shoulder and back of legs. Discovery facial (see below).

60minutes £55

Decléor Facials

Decléor Discovery Facial
Discover what makes a Decléor facial World famous, with this divine taster. When your short on time, but want to bring back an irresistible healthy complexion, this is the perfect rescue remedy for rapid results. Your expert therapist uses a combination of massage, essential oils, and a gentle polish to smooth and revitalise tired skin, leaving if fresh and radiant.

30 minutes £35

Decléor Power Packed Vitamin Facial
This Internationally renowned, multi award winning facial is power packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Stress simply ebbs away due to 5 deeply relaxing massage techniques, and the ideal rebalancing aromatic elixir for your complexion. Deliciously warm and decongestant mask softly cocoons the skin, providing the perfect environment for it to flourish. Your skin is left deeply cleansed and completely replenished and glowing with vitality.

60 minutes £52

Decléor Rapid Radiance Facial
An indulgent facial to reawaken the senses and instantly result in luminous skin. A relaxing results driven facial, including 5 massage aromatherapy massage techniques to recharge and reawaken the skin, body and mind. The powerful Infusion of jasmine absolute ensures the skin emerges revitalised and more radiant with an airbrushed appearance that will outshine all others.

60 minutes £64

Decléor Beauty Enhancing Facial
Super hydrating and able to quench even the thirstiest of skins. This deeply moisturising treatment includes a gentle effective exfoliation, to leave the skin smooth, velvety and perfectly prepped for our nourishing neroli concentrate, nutrient-rich mask that drenches the skin with soothing, moisture loving ingredients for a complexion that's rehydrated, supple and soft as cashmere.

60 minutes £57

Decléor Youth Booster
Hyaluronic acid and powerful youth boosting ingredients, combined with gentle exfoliation to target lines and wrinkles and deliver immediate, dramatic results. A potent mask packed with antioxidants and galanga extract lifts, plumps and firms for a luminous, younger looking complexion.

60 minutes £56

Decléor Pilates Facial (with Orexcellence range)
Facial Pilates has been created to deliver a natural lift to the face, helping reshape the contours of the face with a re-cushioning effect. The facial includes a back massage to help you unwind and release the mind. After a deep cleansing and 3 facial massages, your therapist will help lift your skin with a massage using our outstanding Energy Youth.

60 minutes £57

Decléor Body Treatments

Decléor Total Aromatherapy Escape
This divinely indulgent treatment brings your body and mind back into harmonious balance. Your journey to total wellbeing begins with Decléor's warm aromatic balms being drizzled gently all over your body. Followed by deeply de-stressing the face, and body by massage, feeling intensely soothed and relaxed. Your heavenly experience is complete.

2 hours £85

Decléor Mind and Body
Nothing can beat a heavenly aromatherapy massage from blitzing intention from mind and muscles. The skin is treated to the wonderfully soothing sensation and exquisite aroma of a warm Decléor Aromessence balm that's perfectly matched to your precise needs. The expert touch of your therapist's hands literally melts away stress and eases tense, tired muscles to unwind the body and spirit, leaving you with renewed energy.

60 minutes £57

Decléor Radiant Mum to be
Safe and nurturing pregnancy ritual, suitable for pregnancy over 12 weeks. Pregnancy can take its toll on the body, so relax and let a highly trained therapist safely and gently treat you to a truly nurturing experience. This blissful face and body treatment includes a comforting tummy mask, that actively helps reduce the risk of stretch marks. Plus draining massage to reduce water retention, thus lightning "heavy" legs. A day skin brightening facial ensures you look as glowing as you feel.

60 minutes £54

Decléor Aromatherapy Massage
Rituals based on the power of essential oils to discover the synergy of these precious Ingredients. Our expert hands from the tips of the toes to the tips of the lashes, the specific Decléor art of massage provides a genuine sensation of wellbeing, freed of tension by these unique and generous treatments, your body undergoes a moment of pure happiness.

60 minutes £57

Decléor City Detox (deep tissue & facial)
A complete face and body experience to dissolve the tensions of city life by thoroughly cleansing the skin, body and mind. A powerful treatment combining nature's most pure and potent ingredients, with expert deep tissue massage techniques to detoxify from the pressures of the city. The complete ritual helps revive the face from damage caused by external aggression and leaving skin thoroughly hydrated and fresh. Deeply rhythmic massage to the body banish aches and pains, whilst your mind Is transported to a place of total relaxation, where stresses and strains simply melt away.

60 minutes £61

Decleor Aroma Blend Firm and Refine
A tailor- made body shaping ritual that recharges your body and balances your emotions. Innovative body shaping massage techniques are combined with a powerful cocktail of essential oils, specifically blended to energise and reshape the body and address your emotional needsi.

60 minutes £56